Product Overview

Here is an overview of our product range:


stationary dose rate monitoring system

CoMo portable contamination monitor
CoMo 170 - with 170 cm² detector surface
CoMo 300 - with 300 cm² detector surface
CoMo 170 D combined contamination and dose rate meter
DoseGUARD S 10 digital personal dosimeter
DOSMO dosimetry software
EL 25 foodstuff-counter
FMS-System release counter FR
various counters for activity control
GammaTwin combined dose and dose rate meter
HFK Hand-Foot-Clothing contamination monitor
Kangu very narrow version of HFC-contamination monitor
LARS floor contamination monitor
MiniTrace β simple contamination meter
MiniTrace γ simple dose rate meter
PalMo pallet monitor
Plastic scintillator  
RadReflex portable contraband detector

high-sensitive radiation portal monitor for trucks, containers, cars


walk-through monitor, radiation monitor with 4/5 scintillation detectors

SCINTO high-sensitive radiation / dose rate meter
SCINTO-Teleskop special version with telescope probe
TIM Transport – Index – Measuring system

wipe test / smear test counters instruments for measuring and evaluation of wipe test samples
in various versions (portable, stationary, single or multi-chamber)


laundry contamination monitor with conveyor belt system measurement of laundry and small objects (gloves, shoes, helmets etc.)