Custom Products

Custom products

We are a highly specialized middle size company. One of our main tasks is the development of customer-specific measuring equipment to detect radiation. We are happy to develop your measuring system, specially designed for your field of use and according to your specifications.

Challenge us.

One of the latest examples: Transport Index Measuring system (TIM)

The TIM is required to determine the dose rate profile on a shielded radiation source in defined distances. The radiation sources (Co-60 / Cs-137) are used for example to check filling levels of industrial big containers.

Transport Index Measuring system (TIM) Transport Index Measuring system (TIM)

For this project, it was the first time we used a freely programmable robot. The container with radiation source is placed onto the measuring table. Then the container’s outlines are scanned and two different detector systems measure the dose rate on all sides in 5 cm and 100 cm distance. The measuring results are used to calculate the transport index. In addition, a nuclide-specific measurement is made to check which radiation source is in the shielding. The measuring data are compared to the technical prescriptions and transferred to the central data administration system. For this project there were very high requirements regarding operational safety. An extensive risk analysis was part of our planning.

PC-based test source cabinet

In nuclear-technical plants or large research centers, many radioactive test sources are needed for various checks and quality controls. Depending on use and function, these planar sources, point sources or volume sources concern different nuclides and activities.

PC-based test source cabinet PC-based test source cabinet

For our customers we have created a user-specific test source cabinet. It is made of stainless steel with integrated lead (sandwich construction). The system contains 5 cabinet shelves and 7 drawers of different sizes. All compartments are shielded and can be locked individually. Via a PC system, the access to each single compartment can be controlled (person-related transponder system). The software administrates and balances the sources which are taken out and brought back.